Summer = WIP to the max.

When the semester finished I decided to get started on several projects that I had been thinking about all through finals.

The first WIP is a pillow inspired by a Mario blanket that I found on the blog Gege Crochet.  I love this blanket! My pillow isn’t nearly as epic as this blanket, but it’s a start. First of all, The blanket uses Tunisian crochet, and I am using tapestry crochet. Tapestry crochet is much simpler. It uses a single crochet stitch and you carry the colors that you are not using along the back. I am about halfway done with it, however I underestimated the amount of blue yarn I would need. As a result, this project is on hold. Once I pick up some more blue yarn, I will finish it and post some completed pictures. Also, I plan on learning Tunisian crochet so that I can attempt something as amazing as the Mario blanket.

Here is a preview of the pillow:

The other Project that I am working on is a  Zombie Duo for a friend from my undergrad. I am completely done with one of them, and about 75% done with zombie number two.

For this zombie I decided to do something different with the legs and created a monstrously disproportional creature that would be an embarrassment to all things zombie.

As much as I love destroying zombies in video games, disemboweling something that took several days to make is not nearly as fun.

After salvaging what I could, I needed to take a break from the zombie in order to problem solve how I would reattempt the legs.

While doing this I made some things that I will be selling in my soon-to-be Etsy shop.

This bed bug cat toy is filled with fiber fill and organic cat nip.

This eyeball was made with craft cord rather than yarn. It also has a clip, making it the perfect addition to any key chain or book bag.

The brown eye was made with acrylic yarn rather than craft cord, making it a little bit larger. It also has a clip.

Now that I have taken a few days to think on it, I have resumed zombie number two and I am very happy with it. I will post pictures of both zombies when they are finished. What projects do you have laying around the house that need to be finished?


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