Crochet Abbreviations

This chart uses the American abbreviations. British crochet abbreviations may vary. When following a pattern, take note of the country of origin.



() or [] or ** Repeat the instructions within each pair of symbols as many times as directed
* Repeat the directions following the asterisk as many times as directed
Alt Alternate
approx Approximately
beg Begin or Beginning
bet or btwn Between
BL Back Loop(s) only
BP, BPsc, BPdc, BPtc Back post, Back post single crochet, Back post double crochet, Back post treble crochet
CA or CB Color A or Color B
CC Contrasting Color
ch Chain
ch- Refers to chain, or space previously made
cm Centimeter
cont Continue
dc Double crochet
dc2tog Double crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)
dec Decrease
FL Front loops only
Foll Following
FP, FPdc, FPsc, FPtr Front post, Front post double crochet, Front post single crochet, Front post treble crochet
g gram
hdc Half double crochet
Inc Increase
ls(s) Loops
m Meter(s)
MC Main color
mm Millimeter(s)
oz Ounces
Pat(s) or patt Pattern(s)
pm Place marker
prev Previous
rem Remain/remaining
rep Repeat
rnd(s) Rounds
RS Right side
sc Single crochet
sc2tog Single crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)
Sk Skip
Sp(s) Spaces
SL st Slip Stitch
st(s) Stitches
tch or t-ch Turning chain
tbl Through back loop
tog Together
tr Treble crochet
WS Wrong Side
yd(s) Yards
yo Yarn Over

This chart has been adapted from the Lion Brand Yarn’s Dictionary of Crochet and Knitting and the Yarn Craft Council Crochet Abbreviations Master List. The full documents can be found by clicking the embedded links.
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