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Crochet Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! I crocheted two Easter eggs of different sizes. I didn’t use a pattern but it is a pretty simple concept. An egg is spherical at the bottom, and cone shaped at the top. For this reason, you need to increase at a faster rate than you decrease. You also need to have more sc in […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

okay, so i’m two days early, but today was our valentine’s day party at school. so last nite i made the cutest valentines EVER thanks to zakka life. when i saw these i knew i had to make them. ever since we had “snail”  living on the side of our house i have been obsessed […]

pip’s first christmas

yes, we are a bit weird but this was pip’s first christmas. she had a blast with all the papers and bags, the people giving her lots of attention and of course her meeting lola unfortunately there are very few pictures of roo. this christmas was a bit much for her. [ best viagra alternative […]

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