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Hand Dyed Wool Yarn

I recently went to a yarn dyeing class at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City. If you have never been there before, I strongly suggest you check it out. They have all sorts of events (many of which are free) as well as computers to print out patterns, and a beautiful yarn selection. Before […]

Recycled Yogurt Planters , Because Everyday Should Be Earth Day!

When I saw the yarn box project on the lion brand website, I couldn’t wait to try it. What a great way to recycle old boxes and containers! To make this project, I started with some variegated yarn, crazy glue, and a washed yogurt container. First I carefully poked holes in the yogurt container bottom, because I […]

Knitting Flash Game

Here’s a very fun knitting game you can play online. Try to complete the pattern before time runs out. It’s more complicated than it looks at first, have fun changing yarn colors! [ generic cialis | viagra available in india | cheap viagra online | canada online pharmacy viagra | fun with viagra | […]

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