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Hand Dyed Wool Yarn

I¬†recently¬†went to a yarn dyeing class at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City. If you have never been there before, I strongly suggest you check it out. They have all sorts of events (many of which are free) as well as computers to print out patterns, and a beautiful yarn selection. Before […]

Trader Joe Luv!

We love this store and do our shopping their every weekend. This song sums up everything we love and hate about it at the same time. [ buying viagra | online viagra gel to buy | buy real cialis | female viagra cream | viagra soft generic | bad side effects of viagra | cialis […]

Topsfield Fair

Here are a few pictures from the Topsfield Fair. We make sure to go every year. This year the biggest pumpkin was from Rhode Island and was a whopping 1,689 lbs. That’s a lot of Pumpkin pie. You can see all the rest of the pictures in our Topsfield Fair photo collection on Flickr. [ […]

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