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so this past weekend my favorite brother tim (ok, so he’s my only brother) and his very sweet girlfriend tori came to visit. we have been asking, begging really, for them to come and visit. first we took them to rockport and went to top dog . best place ever!!!  then we took them to […]


pip so we finally decided on a name. before we even saw her we decided on bee. then we saw her and considered pixie. we also took into consideration chloe and fiona ( per suggestion). the only problem i had with those names were that i have two new students who just happen to be […]


I love Sudoku. I do the puzzle in the paper everyday. However I just can’t seem to finish this puzzle. It’s driving me crazy. [ which is better viagra or cialis | generic cialis in india | viagra soft generic | real cialis online | buy cialis fedex shipping | buy cialis online viagra | […]

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